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We are proud to introduce you to our herd!


                                              " LANCE "

His official name is Sir Lancelot, but his friends call him Lance.

He can be a bit of a rascal sometimes.

Lance has something like ADHD. He likes to move, doesn't like to stand still. He has a lot of energy and likes to keep busy, including playing with zippers and hats - even when you are wearing them!!

He has a wonderful sense of humour and loves to make you laugh. Once you find his sweet spot in his mane,he will stand forever to be groomed there. He LOVES to have his hair (mane) combed.

Lance is a Standardbred horse, who retired from a racing career at a young age. He's 18 and we hope he has many great years ahead of him.

He is used to being a star and likes the fuss of photographers and action! 





Normy is his nick name. His full name is Normund, which means "Protector of the North" in his native language, Norwegian. Normy is a Norwegian Fjord horse who will soon be 10 years old and is enjoying his new career as a therapy horse. We are very happy with how he's learning what he needs, to help children. He is always ready for a hug, or a good scratching and a treat of some kind. He's kind, accepting and very calm (and a little bit bratty).






        "TACO BILL"


You're right! He's NOT a horse! Taco is a 24 year old donkey and has a serious job here.

He is the chief herd guardian, keeping the others safe from coyotes and lions.

(I know we don't have lions here, but he likes to feel he has a really important job, and that includes lions).

Taco is very gentle with people, and LOVES to be loved and groomed.




He lights up the whole farm !!

He is a darling miniature horse who was born with some special needs. He is a dwarf, and has some weaknesses, like a short, crooked spine and a deformed hoof. He is only 24 inches high.

Our wonderful vet Dr.Glen, helps him stay healthy and happy.

Bibit loves to travel in the minivan, to see kids at school, and to visit people in senior care homes.

He does not realize how small he is. He will be 10 years old and has lived here since he was 5 months old.



Stay tuned because we have some happy announcements to tell you about in 2019!