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What is Brave-Hearts? 

Brave-Hearts is an inclusive Horse-Centered Learning program for children.

Through the enjoyment of learning all about horses, we guide them through exercises and activities that get them moving, learning and involved. We set them up for success!



What can kids learn here?

They learn about horses. (horse care, body language, riding).  

They learn about themselves, their strengths and individuality.

They learn about responsibility, empathy, respect and following rules.

They learn about reading, writing and math!

They learn how to make friends and how to reduce stress.


Why horses ?

Caring for a horse that weighs 1000 lbs. can be intimidating at first, then ... empowering and exciting.

Horses help us define healthy boundaries for ourselves and others.


Horses do not care about our age, size, race or social status nor do they care about what we may have been diagnosed with. They are sensitive and respond to positive direction and reinforcement (like us!).

Children learn to adjust their own behaviour according to the impact it is having on the horse. Teamed with a Certified Therapeutic Instructor, they are guided through lessons that are geared to support their individual goals.



This is a wonderful place to start your journey into the Wonderful World of Horses.... and a great launch for ANY beginner. 


Families can be assured that safety is our priority. We are proud of our 100% safety record and the positive feedback through testimonials written by parents and guardians about our programs.  References are available on request.


Mutual respect and affection !